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Ford Plant Readies to Meet Global Demand for Mustang

Maker gives nod to original pony car in 2015 model.

by on Aug.28, 2014

Ford's Flat Rock, Michigan, plant is ready to start churning out the 2015 Mustang. The company is celebrating 50 years of Mustang production.

One of the biggest launches in Ford Motor Co.’s recent history is getting underway as the all-new, sixth generation Ford Mustang rolls off the line for the first time at the company’s assembly plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, this week.

“Mustang is and will continue to be an automotive icon,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas. “Expanding its availability globally affords our customers around the world the opportunity to have a true firsthand Mustang experience – one unlike any other.”

Crossing Generations!

In April, Ford celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Mustang. To commemorate the event, each 2015 model will be adorned with a badge on the instrument panel that includes the galloping pony logo and the words “Mustang – Since 1964.” (more…)

Muscle Cars Muscle Their Way Into the Big Apple

Mustang, Challenger, Charger – and some high-powered imports – dominate 2014 NY Auto Show.

by on Apr.18, 2014

Yes, it has a Hemi, the newly updated 2015 Dodge Charger is one of many new models muscling in at the New York Auto Show.

Marking the 50th anniversary of its original introduction at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, an all-new Mustang is waiting to greet visitors at the NY Auto Show opening this week.

But Ford’s redesigned pony car isn’t the only offering putting the emphasis on performance at an annual event that had, in recent years, been more focused on battery cars and other green machines.  While there are a number of new, fuel-efficient products on display, muscle cars have muscled their way to dominance on the floor of the Jacob Javits Convention Center on New York’s West Side.

Muscle Up!

From Detroit, there’s not only the new 2015 Ford Mustang, but a pair of muscle cars from rival Fiat Chrysler’s Dodge Division. And General Motors, which had a hit with the all-new Corvette Stingray shown in NY last year is back with the upgraded Chevrolet Corvette Z06, which is expected to add nearly 200 horsepower – coming in at an estimated 625 hp – when it reaches showrooms early next year.


Mustangs That Never Were

Ford reveals 50 years of concepts and renderings.

by on Aug.30, 2013

The 1992 Ford Mustang III Concept strongly influenced the pony car launched in 1994.

The new Mustang Ford is expected to unveil next April is part of a rare breed. Only a handful of nameplates have ever lasted a half century. And during those five decades, an equally small number of possible Mustang successors have made it from the design studio to the showroom.

For every car you see on the street, there’ve likely been a dozen or more that never got that far.  Stylists are constantly creating alternatives that go through an extensive vetting process before one lucky winner makes the cut.  And over the 50 years of Mustang, Ford has had plenty of options to choose from, some spectacular while others leave us wondering, “What were they thinking?”

Auto News From a Source You Trust!

As part of a splashy, balls-to-the-wall build-up for the official 2015 Mustang launch, the Detroit maker is offering an unusual look into its archive to see some of the pony cars it considered over the decades, some we’d love to have had while others leaving us grateful they never got very far.


Spy Shots: Prepping the Next Mustang

Updated platform will be shared with a new RWD Lincoln.

by on Feb.20, 2013

It may look like the current Mustang...but it's a "mule" helping develop the next-gen pony car - and a long-rumored Lincoln coupe spin-off.

At first glance, this Mustang looks completely familiar. Well, not completely. Take a closer look and you’ll soon realize it has been somewhat altered in a number of ways from the pony car in the showroom today.

That makes it clear to our spy shooters that they’ve captured a “mule” being used to test the platform and, very likely, the updated engine that will go into a completely updated version of the Mustang now just a couple years away.

Your Power News Source!

And that means we’re also getting some hints about the planned rear-wheel-drive Lincoln model that Ford CEO Alan Mulally recently acknowledged during an interview with is currently under development.


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