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Lincoln Readying Potentially Major Re-launch of MKZ

Production finally approaching “launch levels.”

by on Apr.02, 2013

The new Lincoln MKZ is now at "launch levels."

With production of the new Lincoln MKZ finally approaching “launch levels” after a costly delay in the production of the critical new luxury sedan, parent Ford Motor Co. is studying just how extensive a re-launch will be needed to put the 2013 model back on the radar for potential buyers.

The Lincoln MKZ was supposed to serve as the foundation for the revitalization of the long-struggling luxury brand. But even as the first of the sedans began rolling into showrooms late last year, Ford decided to curb production, worrying that the MKZ could fall victim to the same snags that resulted in quality problems and recalls for other new 2013 models, such as the Ford Fusion sedan and Escape crossover.

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The problem, admitted marketing chief Jim Farley, is that the carmaker went ahead with a major nationwide marketing campaign, including several costly Super Bowl spots, even without product in the showroom. That left dealers unable to serve potential buyers – some of whom are still waiting while others likely switched to competing brands.


Lincoln Claims MKZ Production Finally Up to Normal

Supply crisis short-circuited critical sedan’s launch.

by on Mar.25, 2013

The new Lincoln MKZ should reach normal levels of inventory in the coming weeks.

It was billed as the most important product new product roll-out in decades for Lincoln, the 2013 MKZ expected to anchor a wave of new products designed to put the long-suffering domestic luxury brand back on the map.

But things didn’t go right almost for the start for the new sedan, parent Ford Motor Co. putting the brakes on production in a bid to head off troubling signs of potential quality problems. The result was a crash-and-burn that instead of kick-starting Lincoln sales saw them fall to a 32-year low.

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But the maker finally appears to be back on track, a senior official has advised, with production now on a fast increase that should soon see plenty of 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedans in dealer showrooms.


Lincoln Gets Dedicated Design Center

Collaboration “the order of the day, not the exception.”

by on Oct.19, 2012

A clay model at the new Lincoln Design Studio.

Ford Motor Co. has opened a dedicated Lincoln Design Center in Dearborn, Michigan, part of its effort to put the long-struggling brand back on track as a true competitor to marques like BMW, Lexus – and even the resurgent cross-town competitor Cadillac.

The new design center and studio will house approximately 150 designers, craftspeople and engineers dedicated solely to Lincoln production and concept vehicles, Ford said.  It also marks the first time in 40 years that all the disciplines required to develop a new vehicle for Ford’s up-market brand, both creative and technical, will work collaboratively in one space.

Setting up the new design center is all part of Ford’s efforts to reinvent the Lincoln brand, executives said. Once a serious competitor to Cadillac as dominant players in the U.S. market, Lincoln has become a weak second-tier nameplate – and one with virtually no presence outside North America.

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Ford hopes to change that situation by rolling out more stylized, technically sophisticated products – including an all-new version of the Lincoln MKZ coming for 2013. It has an assortment of additional models under development but industry observers warn that Lincoln now has to prove it has a unique identity and isn’t just a marketing operation for slightly more up-market versions of vehicles sold by the mainstream Ford “Blue Oval” brand.

A 2013 Lincoln MKZ shown with the brand's design director Max Wolff.


Lincoln Heading to China

Ford takes first step towards going global.

by on Aug.28, 2012

CEO Alan Mulally is targeting big growth in China for both the Ford and Lincoln brands.

Hoping to give its long-troubled luxury brand some new momentum – and much-needed economy of scale – Ford Motor Co. will launch Lincoln into the Chinese market in 2014.

The announcement – which confirms a report on earlier this month – will come as a critical step for Lincoln, once one of the most powerful luxury nameplates.  Even though the century-old Lincoln has never been sold in China, Ford research suggests it has significant potential in what is rapidly coming to rival the U.S. as the world’s largest high-line automotive market.

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“Lincoln’s introduction to China represents a significant step forward in Ford’s aggressive growth strategy for the country,” Dave Schoch, Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor China, said during an event at a converted temple in Beijing.


Lincoln Turnaround Riding on Success of New MKZ

"Date Night," anniversaries and a 24/7 concierge.

by on Apr.03, 2012

The production version of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ makes an appearance ahead of the NY Auto Show.

Once one of the dominant players in the luxury market, Lincoln is today little more than an automotive afterthought for most upscale buyers.  But the Ford marque hopes to begin what will admittedly be a lengthy turnaround with the introduction of the new MKZ sedan.

Unveiled in concept form at the Detroit Auto Show, last January, Lincoln will give potential buyers a first look at the production MKZ when the New York Auto Show opens later this week.  It will also be querying potential buyers about the sort of services they’d like that might help set Lincoln apart from other up-market brands like Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac.

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The new MKZ “defines the future of Lincoln,” said the brand’s chief designer Max Woolf, during a sneak preview for automotive media prior to the official opening of the 2012 NY Auto Show.


First Look: Lincoln MKZ Concept

The eagle spreads its wings.

by on Jan.10, 2012

A concept version of the new Lincoln MKZ debuts in Detroit prior to its official launch mid-year.

Can this eagle spread its wings for Lincoln?

Once one of the dominant brands in the huge U.S. luxury market, Lincoln is little more than an after-thought for most of today’s buyers, trailing far behind dominant marques like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus – never mind its long-time domestic rival, Cadillac.

But Ford Motor Co. is hoping to put its high-line brand back on the radar screen with the upcoming launch of an all-new MKZ sedan – which debuted in concept form at the 2012 North American International Auto Show this week.

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Like the production version, which will be revealed in a couple months, the MKZ prototype is a dramatic and transformational vehicle that abandons many of the familiar Lincoln cues, starting with the marque’s familiar waterfall grille. Instead, it offers a distinctive shape literally topped by an industry-first convertible glass roof. The overall look, suggests designer Max Woolf, was inspired by an eagle spreading its wings.


Updated MKS, MKT Only Begin Lincoln Makeover

Real change comes in January with next-gen Lincoln MKZ.

by on Nov.18, 2011

The transformation of Lincoln design gets underway with the LA unveiling of the 2013 MKS.

Hoping to turn its long-lagging Lincoln brand into a serious luxury contender, the upscale Ford division brought two important updates to the L.A. Auto Show that mark what officials call “truly the beginning” of Lincoln’s transformation.

The updates to the 2013 Lincoln MKS and MKT are relatively modest, with the sedan and crossover getting updates fascias and grilles, new wheels and modest improvements in performance and fuel economy. They’re also getting the updated versions of the MyLincolnTouch systems designed to address criticism of the infotainment technology.

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But company officials confirmed that the big news for Lincoln won’t be revealed until January at the North American International Auto Show. has learned that the centerpiece will be an all-new version of the Lincoln MKZ. The brand’s entry-luxury sedan will get an all-new look showcasing Lincoln’s new design language.  And, among other things, Lincoln will abandon its well-known “waterfall” grille.  The maker is also working on an all-glass roof that can operate like a convertible top, as well.

“This is truly marking the beginning” for Lincoln’s design renaissance, said Max Wolff, the brand’s chief designer, following the debut of the new MKS and MKT models.