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Lexus Turns to SI Swimsuit Models to Market GS

Battling it out in the Tori 500.

by on Feb.15, 2012

A hard-driving body? Swimsuit model Tori Praver provided the shape for the "Tori 500" race track.

When Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda suggested he wanted to put more passion into the Lexus brand few might have thought he meant that in its more lustful interpretation.  But that’s apparently how the marketing folks at the luxury brand took it.

They gave a hint of a more sexy approach with their recent Super Bowl commercial and are taking things a significant step further as part of a partnership with Sports Illustrated magazine, Lexus becoming the Official Automotive Marketing Partner for the maker’s much coveted annual swimsuit issue.

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In particular, the automaker will be using the, ahem, attributes of swimsuit model Tori Praver to show up the curves of its own new offering, the 2013 Lexus GS, as part of what it is calling the TORI 500 campaign.


Lexus Concept to Reveal New Design Direction

Pumping passion into the brand?

by on Dec.12, 2011

Lexus offers a tease of the new styling concept it plans to unveil in Detroit next month.

The folks at Lexus (and parent Toyota) seem to be making it a requirement to use the word, “passion” whenever possible.  It certainly has been a hallmark of comments made by CEO Akio Toyoda in recent months, especially when he has turned the topic to the maker’s high-line Lexus brand.

According to the grandson of Toyota Motor Co.’s founder, the goal is to dial up the emotional factor for a marque that has tended to be staid and solid but decidedly not passionate in its first two decades.  We got a hint of the more expressive Lexus with the recent launch of the 2013 GS sedan.  (Click Here for more on the Lexus GS.)

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First Look: 2013 Lexus GS

A “new face” for Toyota’s luxury brand.

by on Aug.19, 2011

The 2013 Lexus GS ushers in some big changes for Toyota's luxury brand.

It’s been a tough year for Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand slipping behind BMW in the U.S. sales sweepstakes.  Part of the problem has been the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that crippled the Japanese auto industry, but industry observers also warn that potential buyers may be shifting to other luxury brands in search of more passionate products.

With that in mind, Lexus is out to reinvent itself, declared Akio Toyoda, the CEO of Toyota Motor Co., during a speech in Pebble Beach, California Thursday night.  The executive’s relatively rare American appearance underscored the importance of the 2013 Lexus GS sedan which was given a splashy preview during the lead-up to the weekend’s annual Concours d’Elegance.

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“This is the first car to wear the new face of Lexus,” the executive, the grandson of Toyota’s founder, proclaimed.  But the new sedan is more than just a new styling exercise, Toyoda added.  It is the result of an intensive effort designed to get more in touch with the brand’s customers and, as such, “Lexus is leading the way in how the entire Toyota Motor Company should operate.”


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