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First Look: 2013 BMW X6

Subtle changes to a game-changer.

by on Jan.26, 2012

BMW's X6 gets some small but noticeable updates.

BMW’s updated X6 Sport Activity Vehicle was one of those proverbial game-changers that comes along only every so often but then has a significant influence on automotive design.  In this case, any number of competitors has raced to match the Bavarian maker’s quirky blend of sporty coupe and crossover/utility features.

Though decidedly controversial – generating both picks and pans among industry critics, the first-generation BMW X6 has clicked with consumers, selling more than 150,000 copies worldwide, including 20,000 here in the U.S., which the German maker insists “has far exceeded the original expectations.”

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So, the spotlight is on the update that will be rolling into showrooms this spring.  Not surprisingly, especially for a mid-cycle update, goes through some evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, changes. But they should nonetheless enhance the appeal of the sport-activity coupe.