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First Look: 2012 Infiniti M35h

Japanese luxury brand’s first hybrid set for early ’11 launch.

by on Nov.19, 2010

Infiniti's first hybrid, the M35h, launches in early 2011 as a 2012 model.

Late to the game, Infiniti nonetheless hopes to get off to a good start with the introduction of its first hybrid-electric vehicle, the M35h, which will be the first in the HEV segment to deliver both 30 mpg and more than 350 horsepower.

Delivering both “V8 power and 4-cylinder fuel efficiency,” says Infiniti General Manager Ben Poore, will make the M35h stand out as both “a driver’s car” and a vehicle that sharply curbs fuel consumption.

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Designated a 2012 model, and set for launch next spring, the M35h starts with the same basics as Infiniti’s latest M model, the brand’s premier product line.  Under the hood is a unique hybrid powertrain developed specifically by parent Nissan.  (The Japanese maker’s first hybrid, a version of the Nissan Altima, licensed its basic drive system from Toyota.)


Infiniti Aims to Best Toyota With All-New Hybrid-Electric System

Faster, more fuel-efficient, maker claims of M Hybrid, which is set for a Nov. debut in Los Angeles.

by on Aug.19, 2010

The 2012 Infiniti M35 Hybrid promises to deliver V8 performance I4 mileage.

Late to the party, perhaps, but Nissan’s Infiniti division is racing to make up lost time.  As reported, earlier this week, the luxury marque is launching an all-new performance line, IPL.  And next up is the first Infiniti hybrid-electric vehicle.

A version of the latest-generation Infiniti M sedan, the new HEV will also be the first Nissan hybrid developed entirely in-house, as the less-than-successful Nissan Altima Hybrid relied on technology licensed from erstwhile rival Toyota.

The drivetrain in the Infiniti M35 Hybrid will be notably different from the Hybrid Synergy Drive, which is used in both Toyota and Lexus products ranging from the Prius to the RX400h, senior Infiniti officials told  For one thing, it will rely on lithium-ion batteries, rather than the nickel-metal hydride batteries used by Toyota.

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That will permit it to store more power in a smaller space and, in turn, says Infiniti General Manager Ben Poore, that should both improve performance and enhance fuel economy when compared to current hybrid systems.

“We’ll deliver V8 performance with 4-cylinder fuel-economy,” he promised, adding “We’re going for fuel economy of over 30 mpg on the highway,” with the final number likely to come in between 30% and 40% above the current 3.7-liter M37.