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2012 Hyundai Genesis Comes in at $34,200

Korean maker adds all-new 429-hp 5.0 R-Spec at $46,500.

by on May.25, 2011

The big changes with the 2012 Hyundai Genesis can be found under the hood.

Hyundai is ready to let buyers slip into the newly-updated 2012 Genesis sedan, and despite some significant upgrades and changes, it’s carrying a barely 1% price increase, at $34,200 – before delivery charges.

The 2012 model-year brings the first significant update of the Genesis sedan since it was named North American Car of the Year, a few years back.

But the big news is on the powertrain front, the new ’12 Genesis continuing to offer both the 3.8-liter and 4.6-liter engines found in the original car, but also introducing a new 5.0-liter direct-injection V8 shared with the even more luxurious Hyundai Equus sedan.

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Exterior changes for the new model-year are relatively modest, with Hyundai introducing an “enhanced” grille, larger air intakes and modified headlamps that adopt the now-required LED accent lights.  There are new puddle lamps in the mirrors, revised rockers and redesigned taillights, as well as new asymmetrical exhaust tips.

The suspension has been tweaked on all models, with larger rear stability bars added to reduce body roll.  Brakes have been upgraded, a Lane Departure Warning System and Daytime Running Lamps added.  But the big news is that new 5.0-liter V8 – and the addition of an all-new 8-speed gearbox that becomes standard across the Genesis line-up.


First Look: 2012 Hyundai Genesis

"We want to have our cake and eat it, too."

by on Feb.09, 2011

Hyundai makes some significant mid-cycle updates to the Genesis sedan for 2012.

Hoping to maintain its momentum as the brand continues its move up-market, Hyundai is rolling out an updated version of its Genesis sedan at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

The 2012 Hyundai Genesis will deliver a number of upgraded features likely to appeal to luxury buyers, but what will likely draw the most attention is an all-new version of the Hyundai Tau V8 engine.  Significantly, the 5.0-liter Direct Injection powertrain will significantly boost  performance with only minimal impact on mileage, Hyundai’s top U.S. official claims.

“We’d like to have our cake and eat it, too,” contends John Krafcik, Hyundai of America’s chief executive.

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The most powerful engine Hyundai has ever produced, the Tau V8 will appear in both the 2012 Genesis and in an updated version of the maker’s new top-line model, the Equus.  It’s rated at 429 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque.  That compared with 378 hp and 326 lb-ft for the current Genesis sedan’s 3.8-liter V8.

Fuel economy does dip, but only slightly, from the current 17 City, 26 Highway, to 16 mpg around town, 25 on the highway for the new Tau V8.