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The 2010 Union-Made Vehicles List Now Available

Some offshore brands are actually union made.

by on Sep.18, 2009

Look for the union VIN?

Look for the union VIN?

UAW members working in the domestic auto industry, said UAW President Ron Gettelfinger, “are pleased to see a recent Consumer Reports survey, which shows that four out of five new car buyers are likely to consider an American brand when purchasing a vehicle.

The UAW has prepared  a union-made cars, trucks, pickups, vans, CUVs and SUV to help them when shopping..

Union-made vehicles have been recognized repeatedly for quality achievements by industry analysts such as J.D. Power and the University of Michigan Consumer Satisfaction Survey. The problem is that while quality has been improving and people say they will consider domestic products, the majority of actual purchases go to off-shore nameplates, some of which are built in North America in non-union plants.

The last offshore-operated unionized plant, Toyota’s New United Motors Manufacturing Inc., is in the process of being closed, after General Motors and the Japanese company couldn’t reach an agreement on how to keep it operating.

“When customers visit the showroom to look at vehicles made by our members, they’re going to find top-quality cars and trucks in every price range and in every product category.”

Union autoworkers, he said, make vehicles for U.S., European and Asian-based manufacturers, including hybrids, clean diesels and energy-saving advanced transmission and flex-fuel models.