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Chevrolet Charges Into SEMA With Four Camaro Concepts

Chevy to unveil four Camaro concepts.

by on Nov.02, 2010

The Chevrolet Camaro Red Flash is one of four Chevy pony car concepts at the 2010 SEMA show.

Trick-or-treat comes a few days late to Las Vegas, with the annual SEMA show opening its doors at the Las Vegas Convention Center today.  The annual event is a clear treat for those who wander the vast floor space where manufacturers are tricking out some of their hottest products.

That includes Chevrolet, which has all manner of models on display, along with the usual assortment of crate engines and performance and appearance accessories.

But the star of the General Motors division’s display is the Chevy Camaro, for which showgoers will find four distinctly enticing alternatives that just might wind up in production – or at least many folks are hoping.

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At the high end of the list is the Chevrolet Camaro SS Track Car Concept.  For anyone who has dreamed of taking the Chevy pony car on putting it through its paces without worrying about Officer Friendly, here’s the answer.

Among the features on this Icy White Camaro is a full, track-ready roll cage, a fuel cell, 5-point racing harness and lightened carbon fiber panels.  To further reduce weight, the SS Track Car Concept does away with the Camaro’s radio and even the carpeting and sound deadening insulation.


Ford Unveils Police Interceptor Stealth Concept At SEMA

Inspired by SR-71 Blackbird.

by on Nov.01, 2010

Influenced by the SR-71 Blackbird, the Ford Stealth Police Interceptor concept.

Any resemblance to the legendary SR-71 Blackbird spy plane is purely intentional, says Ford designer Melvin Betancourt, of the new Ford Police Interceptor Stealth Concept, which will make its debut at the SEMA show, later this week.

The police car business was thrown up in the air by Ford’s long-overdue decision to finally pull the plug on its aging Crown Victoria, the rear-drive sedan of choice for most law enforcement duties.  All three of the Detroit makers have been struggling to fill the cop car vacuum, along with industry newcomer Carbon Motors, which is developing a ground up police car to be powered by a BMW diesel engine.

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Ford, in particular, has shown off two optional alternatives to the old Crown Vic cruiser, including both a converted Taurus and a specially-updated version of the all-new 2011 Explorer SUV.  But the Ford Police Interceptor Stealth Concept is designed for more limited, if more demanding duties.

This Taurus-based model is designed to lie in wait, concealed by its black paint, tinted windows, darkened mesh grille, black trim and even blacked-out tailpipes, ready to swoop down on miscreants.  (Which is likely to give nervous shivers to most of the folks touring the 2010 SEMA show, an annual Las Vegas event that has traditionally specialized in performance parts and components.)