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Porsche Recalling All Panameras

Faulty seatbelt tensioner to blame.

by on Apr.29, 2010

Knocked off its pedestal? The 2010 Porsche Panamera is recalled for faulty seatbelt tensioners.

Porsche is recalling all 11,300 of the Panamera sports cars it has so far sold due a potentially faulty seatbelt tensioner.

The problem with the maker’s first-ever four-door comes as an embarrassing stutter in the launch of the long-awaited Panamera – and an even more troubling setback for a brand that had been steadily climbing to the top of the automotive quality charts, in recent years.

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Porsche’s announcement coincided with the latest in the ongoing series of recalls by Toyota, which announced it will have to make repairs to an electronic control system on 50,000 of its 2003-model Sequoia SUVs.


First Drive: 2010 Porsche Panamera

The hills are alive with the sound of…a revving, twin-turbo 500-horsepower V-8.

by on Jun.21, 2009

Porsche raised plenty of eyebrows when it announced plans to produce an all-new, four-door sports car, the Panamera.

Porsche raised plenty of eyebrows when it announced plans to produce an all-new, four-door sports car, what's become the Panamera.

This time of year, things are quiet in the verdant Bavarian mountainside surrounding the old castle of Schloss Elmau.  Wander the hilly grounds and you’ll hear cowbells, perhaps the buzz of bees and the distant roar of glacier-fed streams.  But for a few days, this past week, hikers were also likely to catch the occasional revving of a big V-8, followed by the chirp of rubber biting into pavement, as a Porsche Panamera’s Launch Control system set the new 4-door sports car into motion.

We had the good fortune to test drive some of the first of the new cars off the line, putting all three versions of the 2010 Porsche Panamera through their paces on a winding and convoluted course that led us out from the urban center of Munich into the open Alpine countryside near the German-Austrian border.  In three days of driving on dense city streets, open Autobahns and twisty mountain roads, we got a sense of what buyers will discover when they fire up a Panamera for the first time.

Subscribe to TheDetroitBureau.comSince Porsche first announced plans to build a “four-door sports car,” mid-decade, it has heard from many a skeptic convinced it would put the German maker on a quick road to ruin.  That is, of course, the same sort of thing critics predicted before the debut of the big Cayenne, now Porsche’s best-selling product in its biggest market, the U.S.  While the debate over the very concept of a sport-ute/sports car is likely to continue, there’ll be few who’ll be able to denigrate the new Panamera’s pedigree.  It is not just a serious sports car but a pure Porsche – just one, as a company executive suggested, in which you now have the opportunity to share the experience with three of your friends. (more…)

Porsche Betting Big on Panamera

German maker’s 4-door sports car could be key to U.S. success, global survival.

by on Jun.19, 2009

The 2010 Porsche Panamera could begin the next big breakthrough product for the tiny German company, or be a costly anchor around its corporate neck.

The 2010 Porsche Panamera could begin the next big breakthrough product for the tiny German company, or be a costly anchor around its corporate neck.

Porsche has a way of coming up with the unexpected and confounding conventional wisdom. Despite the naysayers, the German maker’s sports car/SUV, the Cayenne, has become its top-selling product in the critical U.S. market. And despite its miniscule size, this David could yet win a battle to merge withor even gain control of the German Goliath, Volkswagen.

But will Porsche pull it off once again when it finally brings the controversial new Panamera to market, in the coming months. This time, the maker of the legendary 911 is putting its sports car know-how into its first-ever four-seat sedan, and if company forecasts hold true, the Panamera could become Porsche’s most important, if risky, product launch ever.

Success, insiders suggest, could also help shore up company finances battered by the costly and ongoing battle with VW.

“We are confident Panamera will not only stabilize but even boost our sales,” declared Porsche board member and marketing chief Klaus Berning, at an event marking the first time journalists could test drive the new sedan. (A full review of the 2010 Porsche Panamera will be posted on over the coming weekend.)

Berning acknowledged that the German maker is feeling “the cold wind” of the global economic meltdown, especially in the United States, a market that traditionally accounts for a third of its worldwide sales – which during the 2008 fiscal year came to 96,852. U.S. sales, for ’08 totaled 31,800, but they’ve been plummeting ever since, with 2009 volume so far off about 30%.

The luxury car segment has, in fact, been the hardest hit in the American market, noted Detlev von Platen, CEO of Porsche Cars North America, in sharp contrast to most prior recessions. Why is a matter of debate. Some industry analysts point to plunging executives salaries and bonuses, others to the reduced availability of leasing, all factors that can put a car like Panamera, which will carry a “base” price of $89,800, out of reach of even the affluent.

“It’s not a price problem. It’s social perception,” countered von Platen, the PCNA boss, adding that “If you’re (an entrepreneur or senior executive) laying off people in your company, it’s hard to justify driving a 911 sports car.” (more…)