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Chrysler dives below the radar at Detroit show.

No fancy news events at the NAIAS; in fact no events at all.

by on Dec.23, 2009

Chrysler has a history of staging wild news events at the NAIAS. This year the automaker will be a no-show during press days.

Chrysler Group LLC has confirmed that it won’t host a press conference at the 2010 North American International Auto Show

Chrysler Group traditionally has used the annual Detroit Auto Show for some eye-catching – and expensive stunts – such as dropping a new Ram pickup from the Cobo Hall ceiling, smashing Jeeps through the conference center’s plate glass windows, staging a skit with leaping minivans and even, two years ago, staging a fake cattle drive, complete with cowboys, up busy Washington Boulevard, outside the exhibit hall.

Even in early 2009 when the company was living on federal aid, the company managed to display an array of high-tech concept cars driven by batteries instead of internal combustion engine.

For the first time ever, Chrysler does not plan to hold any kind of press event at the upcoming Detroit Show, spokesman Rick Deneau said.

No Bull!

“We are not going to have a press conference,” Deneau confirmed. “We wanted to be respectful of everyone’s time. Mr. Marchionne is a very practical guy.  We didn’t have anything to show,” he said, referring to Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler’s new chief executive officer.


First Look: Caddy to Reveal XTS Concept, CTSv at 2010 NAIAS

New luxury sedan expected to replace both STS and DTS.

by on Dec.22, 2009

The official word is that this image shows a new Cadillac concept vehicle, but inside sources suggest this is the brand's upcoming flagship, codenamed XTS.

The e-mail from Cadillac arrived early this morning and just a bit ahead of the holidays, containing two gifts for fans of the long-time luxury leader.

The big news is the photo you see here, a partial image of what appears to be the long-rumored XTS, which will make its debut, in concept form, at the upcoming North American International Auto Show, in Detroit.  If it goes into production the new, rear-drive full-size sedan would replace two of the weaker entries in Caddy’s current line-up, the STS and DTS, and become Cadillac’s new flagship model.

Meanwhile, the terse release we received also confirms news broke a few weeks back: Cadillac will add a high-performance version of its current 2-door base model, to be dubbed the CTSv.


We’ve gleaned a bit about the concept vehicle which was being called XTS inside GM circles.  It’s likely to share the Sigma platform that was used on the STS, as well as the smaller CTS sedan.  That means pure rear-drive for all U.S. Cadillac passenger cars.  (The outgoing DTS was a front-driver.)


Incredible, Shrinking Detroit

Big 3 makers barely visible at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

by on Sep.17, 2009

See the Blue Oval?  If not, no surprise, like its cross-town rivals, Ford's presence at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show was minimal. Where once it occupied nearly an entire floor, it now has a display no larger than Hyundai or Dacia.  Dacia?

See the Blue Oval? If not, no surprise, like its cross-town rivals, Ford's presence at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show was minimal.

It’s hard to find an inch of unused space at the grand Festhalle pavilion that Mercedes-Benz has filled with its newest products and displays touting its latest technology.  Nor is there any more room left at Halle 11, the newest addition to the Messe, the convention center, where BMW has set up shop for the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

But try to find General Motors’ Chevrolet brand, and you’ll have to turn down a side alley off one of the lesser pavilions, where the division has been parked in a small tent.

The situation isn’t much better for Chrysler, which abandoned its traditional auto show display, settling instead for a corner of the stand set up by Fiat, the Italian automaker that has taken control of the struggling U.S. automaker.

Your Global Auto News Source is Free!

Your Global Auto News Source is Free!

Even Ford Motor Co., generally considered the healthiest of Detroit’s Big Three, and one of the top brands in Europe, isn’t much more visible.


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