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No More Mr. Nice Guy at General Motors

Direct, provocative comparative product advertising is coming.

by on Oct.14, 2009


New approach is “basically telling it like it is.”

Bob Lutz, General Motors Company’s vice chairman of marketing and communications, vows that the days of GM’s “formulaic and cautious” communications techniques are over.

Speaking briefly at a pizza luncheon for media in Detroit, the silver-haired executive said that the company needed to “shock Americans into a new awareness about the reality of GM products.”

Lutz is predicting a much more aggressive approach to communications and above industry-average spending for advertising in the days ahead.

This could be good news for people shopping for a new vehicle if the information is actually relevant to their needs. Too often auto ads just provide endless lists of features.

This promised shift has been a long time coming, if you follow marketing experts such as Marty Bernstein in Comparative advertising will  “shock Americans into the realities about GM products.”

Lutz says the new approach is “basically telling it like it is.”

It didn’t happen in the past because of “old worries that this might somehow or somewhere offend somebody, or that twelve months from now the situation will have changed and somebody would then say let me remind you of what you said twelve months ago – we would rather deal with that, than have the reputation of never saying anything to anyone for fear that at some point we might be caught out,” Lutz said.