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$10 Million Auto X Prize to be Decided in Michigan

Taxpayer subsidies are part of a competition for 100 mpg cars.

by on Jan.14, 2010

Okay, so it keeps some college kids off the streets.

The state that conducts more automotive research and development work than the other 49 combined — Michigan — will host the qualifying and final competitive events for the Automotive X Prize, a quest for 100 mpg vehicles that might actually be saleable.

While the contest is in Michigan, the winners will be announced in Washington, DC, the source for some of the funding.

The goal of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize is to “inspire a new generation of viable, safe and super fuel-efficient vehicles.”

Prizes totaling $10 million will be awarded to vehicles for clean, production capable and “super” fuel-efficient vehicles that exceed 100 MPG in “equivalent” fuel economy.

Half of the $10 million purse will be awarded to the Mainstream Class winner, defined as vehicles that meet current consumer expectations for size and capability.

Follow Your Money!

The remaining $5 million will be split between two winners in the Alternative Class — one vehicle with side-by-side seating, and one vehicle with tandem seating. This is said to be for “innovative ideas that push forward today’s concept of what a car is.”