Lexus Offers Full Look at New ES Before Beijing Debut

Shares the same architecture at new Avalon.

by on Apr.20, 2018

Lexus provided an early look at the new ES ahead of its Beijing debut.

As its debut creeps closer, Lexus elected to reveal an early look at the new ES in advance of its premier next week in Beijing.

Expected to borrow heavily from the Avalon, the first photo reveals a similar design aestetic when it comes to the grille. The front grille on the Avalon is massive and on the ES it sticks to the traditional spindle grille, but it’s much larger than on past editions.

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The brand offered a new pic and short film of the vehicle and said even less.

“The all-new ES springs from a reimagined luxury equation,” the brand said in a statement. “Engaging design, athletic performance, and renowned refinement transform Lexus’s most popular sedan. The all-new #LexusES. Reborn. #ExperienceAmazing.”

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Lexus is pushing even further with the "spindle grille" design on the next ES sedan.

The new ES, Lexus hints, “aims to radically transform the concept of comfort for luxury consumers all over the world.” That may explain why the brand saved the new model for Beijing where luxury buyers have, indeed, become some of the world’s most demanding.

The next ES may have a broader mandate than the current model. There is talk that the slow-selling Lexus GS might be dropped in the near future as the brand shifts more and more of its focus to utility vehicles.

The new ES is expected to be based on the same Toyota New Global Architecture that has been anchoring everything from the latest Prius to the all-new Avalon. It’s much more modern platform than what’s under the current Lexus ES, and as a result, look for it to feature better proportions.

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Wheels will be out to the corners, the interior space will be better utilized, improved performance and it may be lighter. The new ES will feature a more aggressive version of the brand’s signature spindle grille than the current, conservative offering, framed by LED headlamps.

And, in keeping with Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda’s mandate for more “passionate” design, it does feature more angles and creases than the current, slab-sided sedan. The nose is aggressively low, with larger wheel arches.

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What’s unknown is what kind of new technologies, including both safety and creature comfort, will be available. With Avalon we saw such niceties as standard Apple CarPlay and Dynamic Auxiliary Turn Signals, available authentic wood and aluminum cabin accents, and Engine Sound Enhancement, most of those introduced on a Toyota product for the first time. Avalon also added an Adaptive Variable Suspension and a new “laser ablated” lighting system.

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  1. Dick says:

    “Avalon” mentioned 7 times in this article. What do you have against Lexus? I thought Lincoln was the only company to share a platform.