FCA Recalling 300K Ram Pickups for Gas Tank Problem

Automaker's second Ram pickup recall in last month.

by on Mar.16, 2018

FCA is recalling 300,000 Ram pickups due to a problem with the gas tank.

Fiat Chrysler issued another gas tank-related recall, ordering more than 300,000 Ram pickup trucks to head to dealers because the fuel tanks can sag.

The action affects Ram 1500 pickups from 2009–12, mainly in cold-weather U.S. states and Canada where salt is used to clear snow from roads. In the U.S. the trucks are in 20 states and Washington, D.C.

Safety News!

An investigation found a bracket can corrode, allowing the tanks sag, the company noted. The remaining structure will stop the tanks from falling. Fiat Chrysler says it’s not aware of any crashes, fires, leaks or injuries due to the problem.

Dealers will reinforce the bracket. Owners will be told when to schedule service. Anyone who notices a hanging strap or lower tank should their dealer.

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The automaker has had a long history gas tank issues with its vehicles, including the Jeep Liberty, which has been subject to multiple recalls and lawsuits as the automaker has wrestled with what to do about the vehicle. For much of the time, FCA claimed there was nothing wrong with the vehicle.

It’s also the second recall for Ram pickups in the last month. FCA recalled 229,000 Ram pickups due to a defect that cause them to unexpectedly roll away.

A pin can become dislodged inadvertently if a driver keeps a foot on the brake when it is shifted into park, the normal shift interlock mechanism can be deactivated, allowing the vehicle to unexpectedly shift out of park without a key in the ignition or a foot on the brake.

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That recall covered a variety of different versions of the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups, as well as heavy-duty 3500, 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cab models. All 229,000 of the vehicles are equipped with shifters mounted on the steering column.

The company said at the time it was unaware of any crashes or injuries related to the defect. It is advising drivers to make sure to use the parking brake to prevent rollaways until repairs can be made.

Official notice will go out to owners in the coming weeks and repairs will be available after March 30.

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This is actually the second recall linked to the problem. FCA previously targeted 1.8 million other Ram trucks in a service action launched in December.

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