Lincoln Adds More Star Power to its Ads with Serena Williams

Tennis star talks about role Navigator played in her life.

by on Feb.15, 2018

Tennis great Serena Williams is promoting the new Lincoln Navigator.

All right, all right, all right. It’s time for a new Lincoln spokesperson and new mom Serena Williams — already once a Navigator owner — is stepping into the role.

Lincoln has pinned a lengthy ad campaign on actor Matthew McConaughey and now expands its celebrity spokesperson stable to include Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slam tennis titles, to promote the newly redesigned Navigator.

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“Serena is an amazing athlete who has won 23 Grand Slams, but she also has a family, she has her own clothing line, she sits on major boards, she’s philanthropic – she has all these competing demands on her time,” said John Emmert, group marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Co.

“We know that time is our Navigator client’s ultimate luxury as they balance everything in their busy lives, and Serena exemplifies that balance with poise and grace.”

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Matthew McConaughey is behind the wheel of the new Lincoln Navigator in the brand's latest commercial.

The new spots feature Williams discussing her “first major purchase,” which was a blinged out Lincoln Navigator. Williams describes the vehicle and how she used it to drive she and her sister, Venus, to practice daily.

Venus, who’s won eight Grand Slam titles, encouraged her sister to give the new SUV a name. Serena dubbed her new ride “Ginger.” She also discusses how the Navigator fits into her life now.

“I’ve always had a connection to the Navigator brand,” said Williams. “When I bought my first car, Ginger, it was my big step-up. I had a real luxury car now, it looked great and I felt safe.

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“When the opportunity came to work with the Lincoln Navigator today, I was really excited because it brought me back to all of those moments I had in my first vehicle. For me, partnering with a brand like Navigator comes from a genuine place.”

She drove her first Lincoln Navigator for eight years, then passed it along to her niece. Today, the Navigator helps Williams’ balance a multitude of aspects in her life.

“Now that I have become a mom I am in my car a lot more so my Navigator is like my new home. I take business calls from it, I prepare for my day, and it’s kind of like Olympia’s room – she takes naps, she wakes up, and she’s comfortable in it. For me, that’s what’s most important. I want what makes me feel most comfortable and what I feel most confident in driving. The Navigator checks all of those boxes.”

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Prior adding Williams, Lincoln’s ads featured a series of commercials featuring the Texas-born McConaughey. The ads initially drew a lot of attention for their quirky nature, including being parodied on Saturday Night Live. However, they’re notoriety has helped boost the luxury brand’s sales in recent years.

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