Make Your Own Mini With New Personalization Program

Brand offers buyers a chance to put their stamp on a new vehicle.

by on Dec.27, 2017

The new Mini Yours Customised program, Mini owners can personalize their new Minis.

For decades, Mini owners have been customizing their cars with all kinds of lights, roll bars, roof racks and other adornments, not to mention specialized graphics and paint colors, but now the brand has a way to make your vehicle, well, yours.

The Mini Yours Customisation (British brand, British spelling on this one!) program that allows owners to special order parts of their cars with designs, including names, created by the owner.  Customers can design personalized inlays for the side scuttles, trims for the passenger side in the interior, LED door sills and LED door projectors, or welcome mats.

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For those looking to take the personalization of their Mini to the next level can select and design the upgrade parts at the new Online Customiser specially developed for the new options. From start to finish, it takes just a couple of weeks, the company says.

The parts are created using 3D printers and laser lettering. They can be installed by the dealer or the car owner and can be swapped out whenever the mood strikes or if the car gets sold.

Owners can create a variety of personalized patterns in addition to names through the Mini Yours program.

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“The exceptionally large diversity of special equipment and original Mini accessories already provides customers today with comprehensive opportunities to define unmistakable accents when designing their Mini,” the company noted.

“In this process, Mini offers the customer an opportunity to select between different options and integrates them actively in the design process while retaining the typical Mini language of design. Mini fans are able to make a selection between different colors, patterns, surface finishes and icons when designing Mini Yours Customised products.”

The process is reasonably simple. Buyers can go to the company’s online portal and examine a variety of options and parts for customization. There different scripts and fonts as well as colors and even stock designs aimed at making the process simpler.

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The rims for the side indicator inlays known as side scuttles are manufactured in a 3D procedure and then painted in the color shade desired by the customer – Aspen White matte, Chili Red matte, Jet Black matte, Melting Silver matte or White Silver matte. They can be applied to the Mini Hardtop two door, the Mini Hardtop four door, and the Mini convertible.

The personalization includes high-end features like a night time welcome mat.

The Mini Hardtop two door, the Mini Hardtop four door, Mini Clubman and the Mini convertible can also get the illuminated door trims as well as trims where text field can be completed as the user wishes with name or messages using uppercase letters and in the form of the user’s own signature.

The same vehicles can also get door projectors, also called “welcome mats.” The diameter of the projection is between 15 and 20 inches. Several patterns are available for the design of the projection in the colors Chili Red, Starlight Blue and Black combined with White.

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The user can create additional individualization by adding icons from several design worlds, as well as text and signature in separate application steps. There is also an option of configuring a different design for the driver and passenger side. While the company is making all of these goodies available to buyers, they’re not releasing the pricing until closer to the time these custom add-ons will be available early next year.

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