Lincoln’s Newest Ads Gone to the Dogs

McConaughey discusses dinner plans while piloting Navigator.

by on Feb.16, 2016

Matthew McConaughey makes dinner plans with a couple of dogs while driving the new Lincoln Navigator in his latest television ad.

Matthew McConaughey is dogged in his determination to get people to buy new Lincolns. The brand unleashed its latest ad featuring the actor and his Texas drawl behind the wheel of a 2016 Navigator making dinner plans with two dogs.

The 30-second spot, which was unveiled during the Grammy telecast, is clearly a departure from the previous ads for the MKX, MKZ and MKC.

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“Lincoln and I wanted the new ad to be more lighthearted and fun, so when they pitched the “driving with dogs” idea I was in,” McConaughey said in a statement. “People love their dogs, I’ve got three myself, and yes, I, like most of you, even talk to them.”

The gist is that McConaughey is driving along with the two dogs – a Weimaraner and a German shorthair pointer – talking about dinner. At one point, the Weimaraner barks and the actor quickly shoots back “No, we’re not having barbecue again.”

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Matthew McConaughey disappoints his two passengers in the new Navigator when he shoots down their idea of barbecue for dinner ... again.

When the German shorthair pointer essentially asks “why” with a few pointed whines, McConaughey asserts his authority: “Because you’re on four legs and I’m two … and I’m driving.”

Wherein McConaughey is portrayed as self-made, assertive and powerful, “Time to Eat” showcases Navigator as a protector. The interior is warm and inviting, featuring room for the family, including pets, to enjoy the ride in luxury – whether it’s a long trip for a weekend of camping or heading across town for a ballgame. The visuals convey the tagline, More Room for the Things That Matter.

“Navigator is a luxurious, capable vehicle,” said John Emmert, Lincoln group marketing manager. “So we wanted to show its abundant space – more room for the things that matter. The dogs add an element of fun.”

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The commercial is the part of a series of ads featuring the well-known actor, who even starred in a movie titled, “The Lincoln Lawyer.” The two-year deal has produced four spots now that initially accomplished the goal of raising the brand’s profile, even though it may not have been exactly how Lincoln officials would have liked.

The first ad, which featured McConaughey driving around while talking about life and Lincoln, was mocked and parodied. It also drove Lincoln’s Internet traffic up significantly.

This ad features another significant addition: famous director Gus Van Sant, who also directed the ad before this one featuring the MKX.

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“Gus really understood how to bring the story of the Lincoln Navigator to life,” said Jon Pearce, executive vice president and global chief creative officer for the ad agency Hudson Rouge. “The setting, our canine passengers and some pithy dialogue all work together to tell the story of the type of person who likes to drive a Navigator.”

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2 Responses to “Lincoln’s Newest Ads Gone to the Dogs”

  1. Brenda Anderson says:

    This commercial really was a turn off. I actually was considering purchasing a Lincoln after those earlier commercial he did. But seeing those dogs is more about marketing that you are pet friendly and less about fun them market those dogs in the car wasn’t about fun. Yeah I almost was able to connect because I am deathly allergic to the dandruff. But most pet owners conveniently ignore the pet laws as you can clearly see those tow dogs are not secure in a cage or something while in a vehicle. I see he has on his seatbelt and especially since most pet owners would be quick to say they were family and treat them better than humans.

  2. Michael strong says:

    Actually, both dogs are clearly belted in. You can see it clearly in three different shots, but I’d definitely agree that this ad is a departure from the others. It tries to be funny, but misses the mark in my mind too. That said, I don’t know that I’d ever buy a vehicle because I didn’t think it’s latest ad wasn’t funny enough. MAS.

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