Mazda Reveals New Design Direction with Koeru Concept

Automaker’s show car aims to “go beyond.”

by on Sep.17, 2015

Mazda's Koeru concept hints at the evolving direction of the maker's distinctive design language.

With its sweeping lines, blacked out B pillars and floating roof, the Mazda Koeru is one of the more distinctive concept vehicles to make its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s also one of the more likely to influence future design direction.

While they seldom actually go into production, Mazda has a long history of telegraphing its styling strategy through its concept vehicles, and the Koeru is the latest example. It picks up and builds upon the Japanese maker’s current Kodo design language.

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It wasn’t an accident that Mazda decided to go with a crossover body style for the new concept vehicle, after traditionally favoring coupes and sedans. Insiders say the first examples of where Koeru’s lines will reappear could be replacements for the Mazda CX-9 and CX-7 crossover vehicles.

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Where Kodo took its name from the Japanese term, “soul of motion,” Koeru roughly translates as “exceed,” or “go beyond,” something readily apparent when comparing the concept CUV to current Mazda crossovers.

Koeru translates into "going beyond."

The overall look is much more refined, more spirited than many competing mass-market competitors are putting out on the road. Koeru picks up on the muscular yet organic shapes that Mazda has long favored. There are the broad wheel arches and bold, upright grille, the coupe-like roof and steeply raked windshield.

“The Koeru expresses the power and vitality of a predator along with a unique level of refined dignity,” according to Mazda.

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Koeru designers weren’t oblivious to current automotive fashions, however, as they demonstrate here with the oversized nature of the heptagonal grille and the large air intakes that take up much of the lower fascia.

“Given a stronger presence than ever before, the Signature Wing is expressive of unwavering determination, whilst the LED guiding rings evoke the bright, strong-willed eyes of an untamed animal,” said a Mazda release.

Obviously, some elements of the design won’t translate into production, especially the oversized wheels and tires.

The Koeru's strong heptagonal grille, cat's eye headlamps and oversized air intakes.

Mazda focused exclusively on design when unveiling the new Koeru concept during its Frankfurt news conference. As to the possible powertrains a production version could use, Mazda suggested, “the latest SkyActiv technologies ensure the model provides outstanding environmental performance without compromising on Mazda’s renowned driving pleasure.”

Expect to see the evolution of other technologies, such as Mazda’s i-Activesense, as well as its connected car and infotainment technologies.

We should find out more in the coming months, what with Mazda getting ready to update its current crossover models.

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One Response to “Mazda Reveals New Design Direction with Koeru Concept”

  1. Jorge M. says:

    It appears that senior management feels that high waisted models with gun slot windows and FUGLY front end styling are what consumers desire. They are wrong for the most part. The exaggerated side “gill” snow scoops are really offensive, IMO. They definitely went beyond attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

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