Apple Watch Delay Means Auto Apps Idling

BMW, Porsche owners can start cars with flick of wrist.

by on Apr.27, 2015

Porsche's Apple Watch app will let users open and close doors and windows, start the car and even help you find your way back to the car.

The delay in the delivery of the Apple Watch may have disappointed more than just devotees of the Cupertino, California-based tech giant: BMW and Porsche owners could be impacted as well.

BMW and Porsche both developed Internet apps for the Apple Watch and, well, no watch, no app. The apps allow owners of the premium German brands to do everything from check the battery life on their i8 to flash the lights and honk the horn to help Cayenne owners find their SUVs in a crowded parking lot.

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BMW’s i Remote app is only available for use with the i3 and i8 electric vehicles. In addition to letting you know how much juice is left in your battery, the app displays the plug-in’s charge status, navigates you back to where you parked, and remotely operates the door locks and climate control system.

It also has a Dynamic Range Map that lets the driver know if they have enough power left to make it to their final destination, calculates your driving efficiency with carbon dioxide output estimates, and recommends departure times for maximum battery efficiency. It also provides service reminders.

Porsche’s Car Connect app provides even more functionality. The app, which is actually a miniature version of its normal app for the iPhone, can be used with 2014-or-newer Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, and 918 Spyder models equipped with Porsche Car Connect.

While simply checking the time, you can also lock or unlock the car; fold in the side-view mirrors; check the tire pressure; check your driving range, fuel level, or (if equipped) hybrid battery charge status; and, on plug-in hybrid models, activate the climate-control system.

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Additionally, a GPS locator tells you where you’ve parked and will provide you walking directions to get back to the car. It also lets you remotely check that your windows, doors, and sunroof are closed.

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Before Android owners get the feeling they’ve been left out, Hyundai’s Blue Link app has an app for Android Smart watches that allows users to lock, unlock, remote-start, or activate the horn or lights on 2013-or-newer Hyundai vehicles equipped with Blue Link. Like the Porsche app, it will help you find your way back to your car, and can also call roadside assistance, send your selected GPS destination to your in-dash nav, or schedule a service appointment.

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Miles Johnson, Hyundai spokesperson, tells TheDetroitBureau that Hyundai just got some of the watches and the tech information it needs to develop the app for the Apple Watch and expects that the automaker will be ready to debut its Apple-ready app this summer.

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2 Responses to “Apple Watch Delay Means Auto Apps Idling”

  1. veh says:

    I like the GPS locator to get you back to your car. Otherwise, meh.

  2. Jorge says:

    If you need a GPS locator to get you back to your car…maybe you’re lost? LOL

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