Ford Ends 2014 with Recall; GM Kicks Off 2015 with Recall

Makers continued to be plagued with ignition-related issues.

by on Jan.02, 2015

Ford is recalling Lincoln MKCs to move the ignition button to the top of the console, left, from the bottom, right, where it was susceptible to accidental shutoffs.

For the U.S. auto industry, 2015 is beginning much the same way 2014 ended: with a recall.

Ford announced on Dec. 31 it was recalling more than 25,000 Ford Escapes and Lincoln MKC models for two separate problems. Meanwhile, General Motors kicked off 2015 by announcing it was instituting three recalls for more than 92,000 full-size trucks and SUVs. The move may have some wondering if 2015 will be any different than last year, which saw the industry recall a record 60 million- automobiles: double the previous high.

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Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford is recalling 13,500 2015 Lincoln MKCs built at its Louisville Assembly Plant to move the push-button ignition switch from the bottom of the center console, which is near its touch-screen infotainment center, to the top of the console.

“Due to the switch’s proximity to other controls, occupants are inadvertently shutting off the engine while driving,” the company stated in a release. “If the push-to-start button is inadvertently actuated while driving, the restraint system may not perform as intended in a crash, increasing the risk of injuries.”

The company is also recalling an additional 12,200 2015 MKCs and 2014 Ford Escapes for a problem with the fuel pump. The nickel plating on the pump may make it seize, potentially causing the vehicle to stall.

Ford said it was unaware of any injuries related to the problems at this time. Owners will be notified in February about both issues.

In the biggest of GM’s three actions, it’s recalling more than 85,000 pickups and sport-utility vehicles for a potential problem with their ignitions. While the maker says less than 500 will be affected, the vehicles could have an ignition lock actuator with an outer diameter that is too large.

If that’s the case, the key could get stuck in the “start” position. If the vehicle is driven that way and experiences a “significant jarring event,” the ignition lock cylinder could move into the “accessory” position, affecting engine power, power steering and power braking.

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The problems resulting from that are similar to those that caused the automaker to recall nearly 2.6 million small vehicles and are responsible for the deaths of 42 people and injuries to another 58 people.

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The recall covers certain Chevrolet Silverado pickups, as well as Avalanche, Tahoe and Suburban; GMC Sierra pickups, and Yukon and Yukon XL; Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV and Escalade EXT. It concerns models from 2011 and 2012, and 2007-2014 vehicles that have been repaired with defective parts.

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The second recall is for a faulty hose clamp in 56 Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD pickup trucks from the 2015 model year. The third covers 152 of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC 1500 pickup trucks over concerns the rear axle shaft could fracture while the vehicles were being driven. GM kicked off the recall parade last January with its action on what was ultimately 2.6 million small cars; however, it was also the leading offender with more than 30 million vehicles recalled in North America last year.

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  1. Jorge says:

    Just plain stupid the way they use buttons and knobs for ignition and trans shifting. You know there are going to be many a lawsuit over this ignorance.