Kia Jumps into Affordable Lease Fray with New Soul EV

Maker offers compact at prices comparable with competitors.

by on Sep.12, 2014

Kia announced pricing on its Soul EV, including a lease price of $249 a month for 36 months.

The war of “reasonably priced” electric vehicles just got a little more intense as Kia announced it will make its Soul EV available for a monthly lease price of just $249 a month for 36 months, which makes it among the most affordable EVs to lease.

Potential lessees will need to put down $1,995 to get that price, which is comparable to prices the Nissan Leaf at $199 per month with $1,999 due at signing, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV at $189 per month with $3,388 down, and the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, which is $199 per month with $1,493 down, according to

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Buyers aren’t left out of the “low-price” segment either, as the new Soul is among the cheapest of the new compact EVs as well with a price of $33,700, including destination charges. The Plus model is $35,700. Once buyers include the $7,500 federal tax credit for purchasing an EV, the prices come in at just more than $26,000 and $28,000 respectively. The Leaf is priced at $22,360.

While that seems kind of expensive – the conventional Soul starts at just under $16k – it’s cheaper than competitors in the segment. The Ford Focus electric starts at $35,170 and a Honda Fit EV at $36,625, according to

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“With our iconic urban passenger vehicle’s wildly popular style and functionality mated to eco-friendly electric-drive technology that delivers best-in-class range, we’re confident that the Soul EV represents a winning combination,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing, KMA, in a statement.

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“And with a starting MSRP of less than $34,000 (not including federal tax rebate of $7,500) and an expected introductory lease price of $249 per month, it represents a compelling value as well.”

The value angle seems to be a hedge against the lower-priced Leaf. The Soul does have a better average range than the Leaf: 93 miles of range on a charge, compared with 84 miles. The Soul gets that boost, in part, because of a Hyundai Group-developed HVAC system that saves energy by directing all heating and cooling to the driver when no one else is in the car.

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The Soul’s list of standard features includes navigation, rear backup camera, Bluetooth, power windows, power driver’s seat, cruise control and a 6.6-kilowatt on-board charger. Also, every Soul EV comes standard with UVO EV Services, which provide real-time battery-level status, distance to empty and the ability to search for nearby charging stations.

It also has a smartphone app that allows owners to preset charging times and level ratios, as well as precondition the vehicle cabin with remote control of the HVAC presets.

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