Lexus Rolling out Revamped LF Concept at Tokyo

Makers tweaking concepts for multiple shows.

by on Nov.04, 2013

Lexus is bringing at tweaked version of the LF-NX concept vehicle to the Tokyo Motor Show.

The string of concept cars coming to the Tokyo Motor Show just got a little longer with Lexus announcement it’ll have one for the event later this month: the LF-NX crossover.

The “new” concept is actually the same vehicle it showed at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a few modifications, including a newly developed 2.0-liter turbo-charged engine.

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Additionally, the maker added a front splitter to help lower the center of gravity and give it a sportier profile. 

“The LF-NX cuts a lean profile, with its compact, sharp body and bold tires conveying SUV-unique power and an exciting drive,” the company said in a release. “Inside, the new remote touch interface with touchpad functionality provides an advanced, user-friendly experience unique to Lexus.”

The automaker is also expected to introduce the all-new RC 350 coupe during the show. The coupe will have a significantly bigger and more dramatic version of the now-familiar Lexus “spindle” grille.

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While the LF-NX is a rehash of a previously shown vehicle, Lexus isn’t the first to put a new twist on an “old” concept. Subaru beat Toyota’s luxury division to the punch already.

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Subaru showed its Viziv, a diesel-electric hybrid, at the Geneva and Frankfurt shows earlier this year with just a few tweaks.

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