Mazda Previews SEMA Concepts

But mum’s the word when it comes to details.

by on Oct.29, 2013

Mazda sources have slipped over images of a handful of concepts coming to the SEMA Show.

We’ve been receiving plenty of preview material on the upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the annual aftermarket extravaganza likely to see 100 or more custom concepts from the major automakers – and even a few new production vehicles with Honda, notably, planning to unveil its updated 2014 Civic line.

But considering Mazda’s propensity for creative design we were excited to receive a packet of four images that, sources said, revealed the four concepts that will land on the Japanese maker’s SEMA stand.

Your SEMA Show Source!

Unfortunately, our leaker reversed the normal course, providing pics with nary a word of what they reveal beyond differentiating between the Mazda3 and Mazda6 SEMA specials.

What’s to make of what we have in hand?  Well, to start with, one might note that after downplay its “zoom-zoom” tagline for a couple years, Mazda has begun replaying that familiar theme in its latest advertising.  No surprise. 

We anticipate this image reveals a track-oriented mod of the new 2014 Mazda3 hatchback.

While Mazda products aren’t necessarily the fastest, the maker has always tried to offer more of an element of sportiness to their overall feel than typical competitors bake in. So, we anticipate the Mazda SEMA quartet will also put a premium on sporty handling and, we hope, a little bit more performance than the stock offerings.

(Honda plans to reveal “enhancements” to 2014 Civic line at SEMA. Click Here for the preview.)

One of the more intriguing images shows a gray-over-black sedan that, if one looks closely, bears the telling designation “CS6 Diesel” on its door.  Mazda had planned to introduce its SkyActiv-D Mazda6 at the beginning of the 2014 model-year but has put that launch back by six months.  A track version, however, has been successfully campaigning all year.  So, perhaps, we may get a glimpse of what a diesel racing enthusiast might be able to do with the production model once it finally rolls into showrooms next spring.

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Could this be, perhaps, a street-legal take on the Mazda6 diesel race car?

There’s clearly a motorsports theme to all of these images, including the Mazda3 hatchback that features a bold “3” on its side, as well as a lowered front splitter, low-profile tires and oversized wheels, among other seemingly track-ready modifications.

While the other two concepts don’t adopt quite so aggressive a look, they’re clearly meant to tease what an owner can do with a Mazda3 or Mazda6 – and, of course, the money it takes to buy all those nifty appearance and performance accessories.

We’ll have more details from the Mazda stand at the SEMA Show next week.

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