Honda Civic Tourer Set for Frankfurt Debut

Sports car-like looks, wagon room.

by on Aug.12, 2013

The 2014 version of the Honda Civic Tourer is set for a debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Landing somewhere in that nether space between wagon and crossover, Honda plans to reveal its next-generation Civic Tourer during the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Developed by the maker’s European design studio, the muscular-looking five-door is being billed as a “no-compromise” alternative to the conventional Honda Civic sedan that has long dominated the compact sales charts.

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“I am very proud of the Civic Tourer’s sporty, sleek and dynamic proportions, which somewhat hide the car’s true functionality and versatility,” boasts the project’s leader, Adrian Killham.

A sports-car design theme didn't hurt functionality, Honda claims.

Despite what he describes as an “almost sports-car silhouette,” Killham says the “clever” design of the Civic platform allowed the team to maximize cargo space which comes in at an impressive 624 liters – and jumps to 1,668 liter with the seats down and the rear filled to the roof.  There’s even storage nooks under the load floor while the rear seat bolsters can be moved aside for taller cargo.

The Honda Civic Tourer will feature Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology 1.6-liter i-DTEC diesel engine, part of an all-new line of powertrains adopting more modern technologies as direct injection. Also available will be the maker’s familiar 1.8-liter i-VTEC gas engine. Both can be paired with either stick or manual transmissions.

There’s no word about a hybrid, however. Whether one will follow remains to be seen but the maker’s new Earth Dreams line of powertrains includes a relatively low-cost, single-motor package designed specifically for use with models like the Civic.

The new Tourer will adopt an “innovative” Adaptive Damper System, Honda notes, the first time the maker has used the technology on a production model. The rear-mounted system allows Comfort, Normal and Dynamic settings.

“By introducing the technology in this format, we expect many customers will be able to experience the benefits of this advanced system,” explains Killham, who heads Honda’s Large Project program.

The new wagon will adopt Honda’s “Safety for Everyone” strategy – which includes protection for pedestrians — with a mix of passive and active systems, the Japanese maker says, though we’ll apparently have to wait for Frankfurt for specifics on safety technologies and other details.

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One Response to “Honda Civic Tourer Set for Frankfurt Debut”

  1. heyfred3000 says:

    The front fascia will be familiar only to Europeans, as will the mention of the diesel, which most Civics in my Italian summer home have. That leads me to wonder if this car will be offered, at least in this form, in the USA.

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