The Yachtsman in the Flesh

Mini's Yachtsman spoof more than just clever press release.

by on Apr.11, 2012

Anchors Away! The Mini Yachtsmen.

So just how serious is Mini about the Yachtsman amphibian?

As is it’s tradition, the automaker sent out an April Fools Day press release, this time featuring a supposedly amphibious Mini. Sporting a massive bow extension and an air intake that makes the car look like it’s ready for submarine duty, the Cooper Yachtsman even had some long-timers in the auto biz fooled.

Float this Mini!

But this was no mere press release and elaborate Photoshop work. No Mini actually built the Yachtsman – and brought it to the New York auto show. 

Click here to read TheDetroitBureau’s original story on the Yachtsman.

So is an in-water boat show next for the Yachtsman? We’ve already seen that the Yachtsman is more than a Photoshop special. But the real question is whether it would sink or swim.

Mini, what say you? It’s time to see if the Yachtsman is ready to go full-on boat.

 If you’d like to read about real amphibious vehicles, visit .

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