Lincoln Hopes MKT Can Replace Town Car

Special edition earmarked for fleet use.

by on Nov.22, 2011

A Town Car by any other name? Lincoln will offer a Town Car version of the 2013 MKT crossover.

The Lincoln Town Car is coming back to life – though long-town limo fans may not immediately recognize the replacement.

With its long-in-the-tooth Town Car now out of production Lincoln has been looking at the prospect of losing its long-time grip on the so-called “black car” market.  But it’s hoping to regain a dominant position in the livery world with the addition of a special version of its newly-updated MKT crossover vehicle.

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Ford’s luxury division will attempt to win back limo companies and other customers by emphasizing the roominess of the MKT as well as its all-weather capabilities, a potential advantage over the old rear-wheel-drive Town Car sedan.

The new model will also be outfitted with a variety of features not offered in the old Town Car line, including the advanced MyLincolnTouch infotainment system.  Additional features will be added to the rear of the new limousine model recognizing the needs of livery company customers.

The rear seat can recline, for one thing, and it has been moved back by 1.5 inches to add more legroom.  A switch on the right rear door can move the front passenger seat forward, meanwhile, for even more legroom.

As with the standard-edition 2013 Lincoln MKT, the Town Car edition will introduce a number of new high-tech features, including inflatable rear seatbelts, a segment first.

And the new model should offer a much more comfortable ride thanks to the new Lincoln Drive Control system, which adjusts the damping of the vehicle’s suspension up to 500 times a second depending on road conditions and driver behavior.

Developed with the guidance of a Livery Advisory Board, the Lincoln MKT Town Car will be offered in a standard length model though like the old Town Car it will offer customers the opportunity to stretch the new model by up to 10 feet.

The revised 2013 Lincoln MKT is making its first public appearance at this week’s L.A. Auto Show.  Both the standard and Town Car edition have undergone extensive updates reflecting Ford’s effort to revitalize the Lincoln brand.  For more on the coming Lincoln makeover, Click Here.


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