One Response to “Is Ford Poised to Topple GM?”

  1. Hemidakota says:

    Not really…Ford has not learned a valuable lesson where GM did, Q C the vehicles. Only this year for the last three years, Ford was toppled as crown manufacture as the number one recalled vehicle in North America. However, give it time, it is expected for them to return to that position. GM or the Chevy brand was toppled by Ford three years ago after the GM CEO pledge to bring back quality control for the brand. He was right. It is matter of time when they will drop below the top ten. Some people learned this valuable lesson, become fed up with junk quality after many recalls, whether it is number [2008 review] 4-Toyota or number five-Honda, most problematic brand in America.

    Some will argue in using subjectiveness [JD Powers and Consumer Report] reporting as a true form of gauging each brand. One thing they failed to realize, Toyota and few other companies, found a loophole in the reporting mechanism in circumvented this rating methodology. Too bad