Revised Volvo C70 Convertible Debuts at Frankfurt

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The front styling borrows heavily from the S60 concept SUV that debuted earlier this year.

A freshened Volvo C70 convertible will debut at Frankfurt Motor Show in mid September retaining its three-piece retractable steel roof, the signature hips at the beltline, and seating for four non-super-sized adults.

The car is marketed by Volvo as both a coupe and a convertible. C70 is built from the current generation Ford Focus platform that has yet to appear in the U.S. with a Ford badge on it. At first glance one would never know this a Focus, and with its unique powertrain, interior and body panels, it really isn’t.

C70 will go on sale in the U.S. next year. No further sales or pricing details have been forthcoming, but the company did release the photos.

American buyers can expect the turbocharged T5 engine and either an automatic or a five-speed transmission.  

“The Volvo C70 has classic convertible lines and a strong identity of its own. What we have done is to carefully redesign the front and rear so they harmonize more with both today’s and tomorrow’s Volvo models. We have also increased the exclusiveness of the materials and trim details to enhance the atmosphere of luxury and enjoyment inside the car,” explains Fedde Talsma, Exterior Chief Designer at Volvo Cars.

The steel top takes about 30 seconds to disappear into the trunk.

The three-piece steel top takes about 30 seconds to disappear into the trunk. The car must be parked for it to operate.

The front styling borrows heavily from the S60 concept that debuted earlier this year. At the rear, LED lamps, like those on the Volvo XC60, are the most noticeable change. The entire lamp unit is integrated with the oval that frames the new C70′s rear panel.

While the steel roof would seem to provide adequate crash protection, Volvo has added additional safety features.

C70 has sturdy metal roll bars that deploy behind the rear seat passengers to create added protective survival space should the car roll over. The roll bars are activated by a gyro-sensor. Since the Volvo C70 has glass rear window, the hoops punch through the glass if the roof is up. They have hardened metal spikes that break the glass.

For side-impact and rollover protection there is an inflatable curtain (IC). The IC is mounted in the door since there is no roof rail. The curtain has an extra-stiff design featuring twin rows of panels that are offset somewhat in relation to one another. As a result, Volvo says the curtain can remain upright and help protect the head even if the window is open. The curtain deflates slowly; helping to provide added protection should the car roll over.

In addition to the inflatable curtains on either side, the front seat occupants also have side-impact airbags. The size of these bags is dimensioned to shield both the chest and hips. All four seats come with safety belt pre-tensioners.

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