New Mercedes E-Class Tops in Resale Value

Could give new sedan an edge in the market.

by on Jan.23, 2009

2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

It’s not even on sale yet, but some folks are  worrying about what they’ll get on a trade-in for the all-new Mercedes E-Class. Let’s face it, buying a new car is exciting, but reselling it can be a big disappointment. That is why many people take into account the possible resale value of their new car years before they plan on selling it.

Mercedes buyers can be at ease: the German market research institute Bähr & Fess Forecast has calculated the resale value of the new Mercedes E-Class. And it’s forecasting that Mercedes’ mid-range sedan will have the highest value of any vehicle after three years of ownership in the luxury segment.

The new E 250 CD will realise up to 62.5 percent of its current new price, earning it accolades as ‘2009 value retention champion’ from the German weekly magazine AutoBild. In all, Mercedes passenger cars occupy the top positions in eight market segment.

The CLS 320 CDI took second in the luxury segment, whereas the C 220 CDI Estate and the S 320 CDI took first place in their segments with a residual value after three years of 64 and 57 per cent respectively. Also the ML 280 CDI 4Matic, the R 280 CDI 4Matic and the SLK 200 Kompressor ranked in the top positions. The compact minivan B 150 may use the title of the best with 64.5 per cent after three years.

Obviously, these are European ratings, though they generally reflect the situation in the U.S., and with the new E-Class coming later this year, the Bahr & Fess forecast is good news.


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